Functional (photo: Polypropylene) Sports (photo: Multi-Sport-Plus) Dress (photo: Men's Dress) Specialty (photo: Diaba-Flex-Control) Richie Brace (photo: Richie Brace Standard) Bite® ORTHOSPORT Sandals (photo: Spirit OS 8450f--bubblegum)

Prescription Foot Orthoses

Our prescription foot orthoses are arranged in product groups that allow the practitioner to utilize the standard product specifications described on the back side of our prescription form or one can create their own custom orthotics.


Root-Lab. The name speaks for itself.
Founded by the developer of the functional foot orthotic.
Competitive prices. Superior results.


Go with the winner!
Improve performance and alleviate symptoms.
Biomechanically sound sports orthoses with
flexibility and control.


Dress for success!
Provide all day comfort and support in dress shoes
and high-heals. Great practice builder.


Accept the challenge.
A diverse group of products for some of your
most challenging patients.




Richie Brace, Custom Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO's)

All the support you need...Root Lab and The Richie Brace®
Compliment your orthotic practice with an effective treatment tool for your most
challenging pathologies. WIth a proven track record for the treatment of severe
pronation, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, and lateral ankle instability, the
Richie Brace® is your unmatched choice.



Root Orthotic Sandals

Root Lab offers the functional control of a custom foot orthosis in the sandal of
your choice. With a wide range of styles and colors to choose from, you can now
enjoy the freedom of an open-toed sandal without sacrificing foot health.


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