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Prescribing accommodative, functional, or hybrid orthoses should be done by a podiatrist or other qualified healthcare professional who has been educated and properly trained in their to use.


Do you need an orthosis and if so, what type of orthosis is best for you?

There is no simple answer to this question. In some cases, a simple over-the-counter orthosis may be all that is required to relieve minor pain or foot fatigue. On the other had, minor symptoms may be an indication of a more serious medical problem that may require a doctor’s attention.  To compound matters, some diseases or conditions have an asymptomatic stage in which pain can be absent or may be intermittent even when the condition is progressive. In such cases, early intervention can be very important. The best way to determine if you need an orthosis is to consult your podiatrist or a qualified health care professional.


An orthosis is an orthosis, or is it?

Foot orthoses and related devices are available from a variety of different sources these days. Custom and non-custom foot orthoses, arch supports, and shoe inserts may be obtained at retail establishments, via the internet, or from professional healthcare providers. There can be major differences between foot orthoses from different sources, so finding a specialist who is qualified in biomechanics and foot orthotic therapy is very important.  A prescription foot orthosis is a medical device that should only be provided after an appropriate biomechanical examination. A biomechanical examination enables a practitioner to understand the patient’s individual needs so that a proper foot orthosis can be prescribed.

The process of prescribing a prescription foot orthosis requires a qualified practitioner. There are many variables which influence the prescription process. Careful consideration of the patient’s individual biomechanics, medical condition, health history, and other needs must be done in order to develop a treatment plan and the proper orthotic prescription. The value of the services of a qualified practitioner should be recognized by patients when considering the need for foot orthotic therapy.  A qualified medical practitioner is important component in achieve favorable outcomes with foot orthoses.

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